Blender Update Notes

Blender 3.4.5: Collaboration Tools
Blender 3.4.5: Collaboration Tools Blender 3.4.5 update brings significant improvements to file management and collaboration within the software. With the introduction of new asset management and version control features, users can now better manage their projects and collaborate more effectively with their teams. This update also ad...
Blender 3.4.4: Compositor Update
Blender 3.4.4: Compositor Update The Blender 3.4.4 update focuses on enhancing the compositor, with new nodes and a streamlined workflow. This update empowers users to create more complex and visually appealing scenes, with better control over lighting and effects. Additionally, this update includes several bug fixes and performanc...
Blender 3.4.3 Animation Features
Blender 3.4.3 Animation Features Blender 3.4.3 update comes packed with exciting new features for the animation workflow. With new advanced rigging tools and improved animation curves, artists can create more complex and realistic animations with ease. This update also addresses several bug fixes and performance enhancements, ensur...
Blender 3.4.2: Rendering Update
Blender 3.4.2: Rendering Update The Blender 3.4.2 update introduces major improvements to the rendering engines, with significant enhancements to both Cycles and Eevee. This update also brings support for the latest graphics cards, ensuring faster rendering times and improved performance. Users can also expect several bug fixes an...
Blender 3.4.1: Features and Fixes
Blender 3.4.1: Features and Fixes Blender 3.4.1 has just been released, bringing a host of new features and improvements to the popular 3D modeling and animation software. In this update, users can expect to see significant enhancements in the sculpting tools, with new auto-masking options and improved brushes for finer control over...
2.92 Update Notes
2.92 Update Notes The latest update of Blender application with version 2.92 released new features, fixes and functional changes. New icons added for the View3D navigation and View3D header Added icons for the 3D view header's buttons and for the navigation bar Added a 3D view cursor tooltip
2.91 Update Notes
2.91 Update Notes In this update to the Blender app, we have prepared many new products and surprises for you. We also fixed old bugs and added new functionality. Added a new section in the Keyboard Shortcuts reference Added a new section in the 3D View Reference Added a new section in the Animation Reference A...
2.90 Update Notes
2.90 Update Notes Version 2.90 was released to the public last week. New Features that were added to the app. New keyframe shapes for curve editing New shapes for object animation: Line, Arc, Sine, Cosine New options for object animation: Hold and Spring New options for the Graph Editor: 8D, 16D, 24D New...